Frequently Asked Questions
For additional information on the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club you can log on to Hells Angels M.C. World and visit the various Charter's web sites, or if you can find them, the videos 'Hells Angels Forever', & 'Hells Angels '69'. All of the below questions were emailed to the Club, or posted in the Guestbook.

'What does the M.C. stand for?'

Motorcycle Club. Remember, it's a Club, not a gang.

'What does 81 stand for?'

It's a metonym. The 8th letter of the alphabet is 'H', and the 1st letter is 'A', HA = Hells Angels.

'What does Red & White stand for?'

Another metonym, Red & White are the Club's colors; red letters on a white background.

'Why do you call you club vest, colors?'

Again, another metonym. Colors or Patch stand for the motorcycle club's (Any motorcycle club) insignia. On the top of the back of the vest is 'HELLS ANGELS', and the bottom is the Charter's location, such as 'CALIFORNIA'. These are called 'rockers'. The center is the logo called the 'Deathhead', and the small square with 'MC' stands for Motorcycle Club. The Hells Angels, as well as most motorcycle clubs have copyrights on their name and logo.

'How do I join the Hells Angels?'

As the saying goes, 'If you have to ask the question, you probably won't understand the answer.' The key words are 'Motorcycle Club', which means they are true motorcycle enthusiasts and their motorcycle is their primary means of transportation. On the average a club member will ride 20,000 km plus a year, and this means rain, snow, or sunshine. Each Charter varies in their requirement, but if you're really interested you should talk to a member in your area. And if you have to ask where the nearest Charter is to aren't ready to join a Motorcycle Club.

'How many members does your club have?'

Ask this of a member and you'll most likely get an answer such as, 'I'm not at liberty to discuss Club matters with a non-member.' The member responds this way because it's a private club and any private club doesn't discuss things such as number of members, who the members are, etc. Motorcycle clubs are not secret organizations, or 'Ancient & Honorable Society...' such as the Masons, but they do maintain club matters within the club.

'I've seen small diamond shaped patches with 1%'er, what does this mean?'

In the 1960's the media picked up on an article by the A.M.A. (American Motorcyclists Association) that stated that only about 1% of motorcyclist gave motorcyclists a bad image, so the media tagged people who rode Harleys, had long hair, tattoos, etc. with being a '1%'er'. There are no 'bad images', just bad actions, and long hair or tattoos doesn't mean the person is bad in any way. Law enforcement supposedly has a 'good image', but for bad actions read about 'Ruby Ridge', or 'Waco'. So why does a motorcyclist wear a '1%'er' patch? Most likely because he's a good person that the media tagged bad because of his appearance, and he's just throwing it right back in their faces.

'How do I get one of those Support Your Local Hells Angels stickers?'

These stickers are only given to people who support the Club, and can only be obtained from a member who knows you are a true supporter who participates in their various runs and charity drives.

'Should the Hells in Hells Angels have an apostrophe, and be Hell's Angels?'

That would be true if there was only one Hell, but life & history has taught that there are many Hells.

'Why do people discriminate, lead hate groups and anti-Hells Angels groups?'

I don't know of any 'anti-Hells Angels groups', unless you count law enforcement agencies, and they probably don't hate the Club, just would like to control the freedom its members represent. Due to the media hype the Club has a very high profile, so if a member sneezes, it's news. Most people who come into contact with the Club on runs and such find the members respectful.

'How do I start a Hells Angels Charter in my town/state?'

Another 'If you have to ask, you won't understand the answer.' Motorcycle Clubs consist of a group of people who have ridden together for years, live in the same community, are known by the community, have runs to raise money for local charities, and are a brotherhood. It's 'Motorcycle Club' as opposed to an association such as Harley Owners Group, or Goldwing Riders, which allow anyone to join as long as they have a Harley or Goldwing. Not to say associations are better or worse, just different; they don't ride 20,000+ a year together, or know each other as well as you know your family, which is what a Motorcycle Club is about. If you're already in a Motorcycle Club you know how to start a Hells Angels Charter in your area, and if you're not...well, that's probably why you asked the question in the first place.

'Can I buy and wear Club Support T-Shirt or hat even if I don't own a motorcycle?'

Many people think that you have to own a Harley to wear or display Club Support merchandise, but it's not true. Your purchases show that you support The Club's philosophy of being free, and it also helps the Charter put on runs and events that riders of all makes of motorcycles enjoy.

'I saw a Hells Angels pin for sale on E-Bay. Isn't this against the law?'

Technically yes, and the Club's members and friends actively check the Internet, papers, etc. for such violations. Hells Angels logo, name and all items containing them are the Club's property, not property of the member(s). We encourage anyone who comes across with any Hells Angels property for sale to contact your nearest Charter, or email any Charter on the Internet.

'My friend told me that Hells Angels aren't allowed in some countries, but I don't believe him.'

Your friend is right. Most Federal Agencies around the world have a list of Hells Angels members which they furnish to Customs in many countries. As an example a Hells Angel member can't enter New Zealand, even if he has no police record, only that he's a member; many other countries are like that too. Yes, it's un-Constitutional, and yes the U.S. Government will do nothing about it. And neither will the A.C.L.U., nor all those other organization worldwide that are so keen on insuring people's rights.

'What does 'high jacking a conversation' mean; is it bad?'

In a citizen's or Yuppie bar it's quite common to see someone interject a statement into someone else's conversation. You know, two guys you don't know are talking about the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and you chime in with 'Hey, what about Y.A. Tittle?' Normally this will get you in the conversation with them...not at a Biker bar! It's old fashion, but they consider it rude to interject a statement into a private conversation....It'll get you anything from a hard look, to a quick rap in the mouth. Real simple, old fashion rules: If it ain't yours, don't touch it; If it doesn't concern you, stay out of it; If you're rude, apologize....if you're still standing...

For all other questions You can visit Guestbook. Don`t forget 'If you have to ask the question, you probably won't understand the answer!


IF you meet somebody who tells you he is a member of Hells Angels, then don’t believe everything he says until you know for sure that he really is a Hells Angel. Quite a few people have met someone who has abused our name, but if you use common sense and have read this, you will not have problems deciding if the man standing in front of you is a genuine Hells Angels member. A real Hells Angels member has a style of his own and do not have to run around and tell everybody that he is in the club! Usually you will be able to see it on his looks and the way he dresses: A Hells Angels member is often dressed in clothing which bears the clubs logo and name. Most members have HA tattoos and wears HA jewelry. Still we have seen people who have been stupid enough to falsify these items, there for it can be a good idea to look after; if the man rides a motorcycle, if he is seen with other brothers and if there is a clubhouse of Hells Angels located nearby. If in doubt, ask the man about these things or contact HAMC Budapest or any other charter nearby.